Things You Need To Know About Latino Dating

Hispanic is the fastest growing racial minority in the United States. According to U.S. Census data collection, their population increased by over 60% between 1990 to 2000. The data from the census also indicates that the trend of interracial couples with non-Hispanic and Hispanic as being the largest among all racial groups in the country. With that said, here is what you need to know about Latin dating.

Cultural Influence

Some of the practices in Latino culture appear outdated in the modern world of dating. For instance, the man leaves is expected to leave home and find his way, while the woman stays with her folks until she moves in together with her new husband in his home in a traditional Hispanic relationship.

Latino Dating Culture

It is important to note that issues affecting the Hispanic culture can also affect the dating scene. As an interracial couple or a dating Latino, it is crucial to keep a couple things about the cultural differences between the sexes in mind. Do remember that these are just general Latino descriptions and the individual you are thinking of dating might be unique, therefore, it is good to keep an open mind.

– Women

Hispanic women raised in a traditional family have been brought up to be a slave of their man. In other words, they are taught to respect and totally submit to the man. They are taught never to brag or show off, something that can lower their self-esteem. When it comes to sex, they are taught to be coy, taking a more laid back approach to relationship and dating.

– Men

Hispanic women, in turn, expect a man to follow traditional roles such picking up the tab and opening doors and just take care of them in general. Latino men are also known to be very romantic with the ability to charm a woman very easily. A Latino man highly adores his woman and isn’t afraid to show it.

In Latino culture, both men and women appreciate casual flirting. A Hispanic man who closely positions himself physically during conversation is a clearly indicates that he is closer to his Latino heritage. Hispanic people do not shy away or show fear sitting close together, and touching during interactions is something they frequently do. To some people and cultures, such actions are not accepted as to them it gives the false impression that a person is more interested than they really are, or they may lead to a feeling of invaded space. If you are dating a Latino, be aware that touching, hugging, and casual flirting among new friends or acquaintances is common, therefore, it doesn’t always mean that someone has romantic feelings towards the other person.

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